Three good reasons to mark ‘No Religion’ on the Census 2022 form

  1. Fair representation –The census is held every five years and it collects important data about our nation and citizens. It’s critical that we get it right.
  2. Fairness in public funding – Census results are used to make policy decisions on the allocation of funding for state services such as health, education, social and pastoral care. It’s important that the information is right so that resources are allocated fairly.
  3. Fairness in Voice and influence – Ireland is progressively changing. In 1991, ‘No Religion’ represented 2% of the population; it had increased to 6% in 2011 and just over 10% in 2016, so the trend reflects an ongoing exponential rise in the non-religious.  A fairer representation of the non-religious gives us a stronger voice and greater influence.  This should ensure that our policymakers build a more inclusive future for all Irish citizens.


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About the Census

The census of population is a detailed count of every person living in Ireland on a particular date.

The next census will take place on Sunday 3 April 2022. Under the Statistics Act, everyone in the State must complete or be included on the census form.

A key question in this year’s Census is: ‘What is your religion, if any?’ Our message is simple: if you are not religious or no longer practise a religion, you should say so on the Census form. This is the only way to ensure a fairer representation for the non-religious when key policy decisions are being made.

National and local governments rely on the Census findings, to plan and make important policy decisions on our behalf, regarding resources and spending for our future. For example the allocation of funding for essential state services such as health, children’s education and social care

So if you are not religious or have stopped practising a religion then make sure and say so! On Sunday 3rd April, if you’re not religious, mark ‘No Religion’ on your census form.

Faoin Daonáireamh

Nil Reiligiún Agat? Mar sin Scríobh  ‘Níl aon chreideamh’ sa Daonáireamh. Gach cúig bliana cuireann an Rialtas Daonaireamh ar bun. Mar sin ar an Dómhnach 3 Aibreán iarfar ort an daoináireamh  a líonadh  amach. Ta sé seo an tábhactach mar déanfar analíse ar fhreagraí na gceisteanna agus bainfidh lucht déanta polasaithe úsáid as na torthaí  chun maoiniú agus achmhainí  a dháiliú a rachaidh chun ár dtodhchaí a stiúradh.

Ceist bhunúsach a bhéidh sa Daonáireamh i mbliana is ea:
Ceist 12 – Cén creideamh atá agat, má tá ceann ar bith agat?
Mura bhfuil Reiligiún agat nó mà stop tú dháchleactadh déan cinnte é sin a rá!

Mar sin ar an Dómhnach 3 Aibreán mura bhfuil reiligiún agat, Cuir Síos ‘Níl aon chreideamh’


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